Join your neighbors, family, and friends to fundraise for us to raise awareness and support the work that saves lives.

Over the past decade, the Bucks County Suicide Prevention Task Force has organized events, led initiatives, and brought together stakeholders in the mission to stop deaths by suicide. Since its official commission in 2013, the Task Force has been driven by a passionate membership of professionals, volunteers, and advocates from diverse backgrounds and experiences. As a result of the relationships developed over these years, this organization has a wide range of opportunities to expand or concentrate moving forward.

We have established a dynamic group of professionals and volunteers who all committed to decreasing suicide rates and stigma through education and public awareness. 

The Task Force chairs continue to bring together community members, county representatives and behavioral health agency staff to move forward with goals that have been established by each subcommittee. Multiple subcommittees support our broader initiatives.

Walk To Make A Difference!

Biannual Hold On You Matter Walk to Make A Difference 

For 9 years and counting, the Walk to Make a Difference has brought together local school districts, mental health providers, vendors, and local representatives to support suicide prevention efforts and break the stigma.  

This unique event takes place in Northern and Southern Bucks County in the Fall and Spring, respectively. Last year, over 1100 people walked to make a difference and over $75,000 was raised to support our task force initiatives. 

SEPTA Partnership

The First Responder Hotline with the Lenape Valley Foundation
Coordination with Family Service Association Call Lines

The Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Initiative
Suicide Prevention Task Force Grants

AAA – Ben’s Campaign

Supporting NAMI Ending the Silence Program
 Suicide Prevention Signs in County Parks 

Youth and Young Adult Subcommittee: https://www.mentalhealth4bucksya.com/

Servicemembers, Veterans, & Families (SMVFs)